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  1. Make the Move

Make the Move

Now’s the time to leave diesel behind and make the move to Toyota Hybrid Electric. Feel the freedom of driving in electric mode for over half your journey, without ever plugging in. And while you’re at it, you’ll be changing the way you drive by choosing lower emission driving, as we all work towards a brighter future for everyone.

Masters of Hybrid Electric

Toyota began the Hybrid Revolution over 25 years ago and now we offer Ireland's largest and best-selling range of Hybrid Electric Vehicles. We’re now in our 5th generation of Hybrid Electric models, with greater power, and that are even more efficient than ever.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles switch seamlessly between an efficient petrol engine and an electric battery. It means you’ll get emission-free driving while in electric mode, all the while being free to roam the lengths of the country without ever having to plug in. 


Cleaner Air For Everyone

Our Toyota Hybrid Range produces 90% less harmful NOx emissions than diesel, and 24% less CO2 compared to a brand-new diesel car. Making the move means lower emissions and cleaner air. Switching to Toyota Hybrid Electric also means you’ll be saving on fuel costs too.

Built for a Better World

Our spirit of innovation is inspired by technology as way of improving lives, bettering society and securing our children’s future. Our mission is to make life better for everyone. Because someone has to lead.

Make the Move FAQs

Toyota Ireland are celebrating our new 5th Generation Hybrid Electric Cars and we are inviting drivers all over Ireland to switch from diesel to Hybrid Electric.


Toyota is proud to have globally ceased producing diesel passenger cars in 2018, the first mainstream car brand to do so.  


Toyota is also proud to be Ireland’s most trusted and reputable car brand so when you ‘make the move’ to Toyota Hybrid Electric you know it is a good decision.  

Yes! If you choose a new Toyota Hybrid Electric Car over a new diesel car you’ll reduce your Co2 emissions on average by 24%*


You’ll also reduce harmful NOx emissions by 90% meaning cleaner air for everyone*   

No! Toyota Ireland have Ireland’s largest range of Hybrid Electric Cars that you don’t plug in.


Essentially, the petrol engine powers the electric battery and you’ll find that you can drive in Electric mode or ‘EV mode’ only using the Electric Battery for power for over 50% of your journey on average.  


This means that you never ever have to charge your Toyota Hybrid Electric car, so no range anxiety or plugs. See how a Toyota Hybrid works here.

The biggest selection in Ireland! We have 12 stunning Hybrid Electric models that you don’t plug in. From the wonderfully compact to stylish SUV’s and SUV Crossovers. 


And of course, if you would like a plug-in Hybrid or fully electric we have models to suit every electric need. 


Search here for yours here.