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Toyota Hybrid reviews by Irish customers
  • Levene, Dublin

    "I’m driving my three children to school every morning, knowing I’m making a difference to their future. And I only have to fill the car every 5 or 6 weeks. Hybrid is definitely the way to go."

  • Ross, Tipperary

    "To switch from Diesel to Hybrid was an easy decision. The cost savings of the fuel, the insurance and the car tax – for someone with a young family, that makes a huge difference."

  • Jonathan, Waterford

    "People are surprised that you don’t have to plug it in. I would have no hesitation recommending Toyota Hybrid to any friend."

  • Edel, Wexford

    "Hybrid is very good in the country. When you’re driving on the back roads you’re mostly in EV mode. Toyota Hybrid is the only alternative for me."